Pink October : a month of mobilization for breast cancer awareness and fundraising for research.

Pink October is a month of mobilization for breast cancer awareness and fundraising for research.

Pink October at Astek Canada

Sensitive to the great causes of our time, Astek supports the values promoted by Pink October. For two years now, throughout the month of October, Astek Canada has been organizing an awareness campaign for the disease and fundraising for research. Indeed, employees are invited to give generously and many events are planned to support the cause. In partnership with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, breast observation guides, pink balloons and pink ribbons are distributed to employees and left in the offices for information purposes. Astek Canada’s main goal during this month is to raise awareness and inform employees about the cause.

This year, a special event was organized to mark the end of this month and to thank the employees who generously donated. Like last year, Astek Canada has doubled the amount of donations collected.

Key statistics

  • 1.7 million new cases of breast cancer per year worldwide;
  • 28,600 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Canada;
  • 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime;
  • 522,000 deaths per year worldwide;
  • 5,500 deaths per year in Canada;
  • Women aged 50 and 69 have the highest rate of breast cancer;
  • In Canada, 270 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer per year.
« Having been confronted with the disease several times in my personal experience, it is very important for me to be involved in actions that allow research and the fight against cancer to progress. The fact that Astek Canada is contributing to the effort, along with its employees, reinforces my choice of employer. Thank you, Astek, for mobilizing the team and supporting us in this project. »

Pauline Flament – HR Consultant and President of the Astek Social Committee

To learn more about the cause, visit the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s website:

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