International Women’s Rights Day: Discover exceptional women at Astek Canada.

At Astek Canada, we believe in the importance of women in the IT industry. Women tend to have a collaborative leadership style, excellent communication skills and a strong attention to detail. By diversifying the talent pool, the technology and information sector can become more innovative and agile.

On March 8th, it was the International Women’s Rights Day and for the occasion, during the week, we presented some exceptional women within our team. Here is a little recap!

We started the week with Isabelle Saint-Louis-Gabriel, IT Recruiter.

“I’ve always worked in IT, so I’ve always worked in a mostly male environment. Where some people see obstacles, I see the complementarity of our expertise, the combination of our qualities and a lot of complicity. Being a woman means bringing your own personal and professional touch, whatever the environment, on a daily basis.” – Isabelle.

The week has continued with Régina Moreira, Director of International Mobility.

She shares: :

“As a woman, I am proud to work in a company hiring women locally as well as internationally for IT jobs. Often, when we collaborate with the immigration of a female worker internationally, we also support a family project.” – Régina.

Thursday, it was Erika’s turn, IT Recruiter International

She shares with us what being a woman in IT means to her.

“For me, being a woman in IT recruitment is the result of this equation : human approach + sensitivity + empathy = success.” – Erika.

We ended the week with Rabeb, QA Analyst and division manager.

“Being a woman in the technology industry has never been a challenge for me. On the contrary, I see it as a source of motivation to advance and distinguish myself to promote the importance of women in the company.” – Rabeb.

Thank you to all the women who bring unique skills and perspectives that can help companies become better.

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