Rabeb, her role as division manager and quality analyst

Hi, Rabeb, we are very happy to meet you. Can you explain your background and your arrival at Astek Canada as a quality analyst?

Yes of course, so I did all my studies in Tunisia. There are some differences between the certificates in Quebec and in Tunisia. Indeed, I have completed my bachelor’s degree which is equivalent to the end of high school here in Quebec and then I applied to the university of my dreams. Unfortunately, at that time, I was not accepted so I had to go to another school to complete my diploma in computer science, network, and telecommunications.

At the time, there were competitions that students from different colleges could enter to get into engineering universities. So, I decided to apply hoping to be accepted at the university of my dreams. Finally, they accepted my profile, and I was able to graduate with an engineering degree after 6 years of study.

Afterwards, my career started in a multinational company in Tunisia as a quality analyst in test automation. Then, I also spent a few years in another company, but this time my tasks were more focused on manual test automation. Because of these two experiences, I have the chance to wear both hats and thus diversify my professional skills.

My boyfriend and I had always planned to move to Canada. When a recruiter from Astek Canada approached me on LinkedIn, I immediately jumped at the opportunity and started the interviews and immigration process. Everything happened very quickly, I received the offer in April 2019 and in September 2019 I was already in Montreal. I have been working as a quality analyst consultant at Astek Canada for two years now, but also as a division manager.

Can you tell us more about your role as a division manager at Astek Canada?

Astek Canada is a company that has been growing significantly over the last few years and we have more and more consultants on our teams every year. Despite this growth, the company values human proximity and maintains the feeling of belonging to the company even though they are on assignment with different clients in the information technology sector. Therefore, the creation of different divisions within the consulting department is to meet this need. My tasks are to accompany and guide the consultants during their career at Astek Canada. As a manager of the division, establishing a relationship of trust with the consultants is my priority. I want to help them feel comfortable with their client and with us at Astek Canada.

What do you find most passionate about this role as a division manager?

What i enjoy most about this role is the fact that I get to build and maintain relationships with some amazing people. I feel really blessed to be their point of contact and to be able to help them in their careers on many different levels. As we have a large international presence at Astek Canada, I also can meet people from all over the world and work in a multicultural environment. I feel that I have learned so much since taking on this role and it motivates me every day.

You seem to really enjoy this management role, is it something you want to pursue during your career?

Definitely. At first, I was quite hesitant when I was asked to become a division manager since I had never managed a team, but now it is really a side of my job that I enjoy. I love being in contact with people and I feel really valued in this “leadership” role. I think I would love to grow as a Tech Lead in a team related to my field of expertise. This would be a great career challenge for me, and I hope to be able to do this one day in a future position.

Can you tell us about the Rabeb outside of work? What are your hobbies?

I am a very simple person in general! I love to watch movies and series of all genres. I also like to go on a little hike around Montreal every weekend with my friends. I really enjoy spending time outdoors and the landscapes are always beautiful.

Thank you, Rabeb, for all these wonderful answers. Finally, do you have anything to say to someone who would like to join Astek Canada? The human side of the company without hesitation. I think that Astek Canada gives a lot of importance to the relational part with its employees. I often tell future candidates who contact me that I feel like I am part of a big family. I find that although the professional side is important, the human side of a company adds a significant value and I appreciate the actions that Astek Canada puts in place to demonstrate this. I can therefore say that I recommend Astek Canada!

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